Working on DataHub documentation

DataHub documentation uses content from FAIRDOM-SEEK documentation.

FAIRDOM-SEEK documentation

FAIRDOM-SEEK documentation is in branches of the GitHub repository seek4science/seek

  • gh-pages
  • gh-pages-1.13
  • gh-pages-master
  • gh-pages-sample-update: temporary branch to record features agreed upon during sample working group

DataHub documentation

FAIRDOM-SEEK documentation (gh-pages branches) has been cloned in GitHub

How to contribute to DataHub documentation

General way of working

  1. Create issues on ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help.
  2. Use ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test to propose changes to the DataHub documentation pages via pull requests.
  3. DataHub team will review and approve/reject your changes.
  4. DataHub team will push the changes towards ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help.

via GitHub GUI

  1. Go to ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test.
  2. Make the changes you want to propose.
  3. Open a pull request from your fork (e.g. username:patch-N, that is created by GitHub by default) towards ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test - main branch. You can click the “compare across forks” button to check which repository-branch you are making your pull request to:
    • “head repository”: it must be your fork; “compare”: it must be your branch
    • “base repository”: it must be ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test; “base”: it must be main

IMPORTANT: please make sure that your pull request is towards the base repository ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test and the main branch, and not towards DataHub-help.

  1. Follow up via GitHub for comments from the DataHub team.

via code editor of your choice (e.g. VSCode)

This is a general workflow in how to work on your own fork (copy) of the repository and request changes through a pull request.

  1. In GitHub, make a fork of ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test using the fork button. Then go to Code --> SSH --> copy
  2. Open a terminal and choose a directory. Then type
     git clone
     cd DataHub-help-test
  3. Set your fork of DataHub-Help (e.g. username/DataHub-help) as your remote
  4. By default ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test is your origin
  5. When making changes
    • Keep your fork up to date by pulling from origin (ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test).
    • Create a new branch named after your feature/edit and make the changes you want to make.
    • Commit and push to remote (e.g. username/DataHub-help).
  6. In GitHub, open a pull request and make sure to set ELIXIR-Belgium/DataHub-help-test main as base repository.

IMPORTANT: please check that your pull request is against DataHub-help-test main and not DataHub-help.