API introduction

FAIRDOM-SEEK includes a JSON Application Programming Interface (API) that allows the searching, listing, reading, updating and creating of many items in SEEK, along with their attributes.

The API conforms to the JSON API specification which describes a standard way of representing APIs in JSON.

Technical details about the JSON structures and available endpoints comes bundled with FAIRDOM-SEEK and can be found served from:


For example, on the DataHub it is https://datahub-test.elixir-belgium.org/api, or for a local running instance it would be http://localhost:3000/api

There are also some examples that are available as Jupyter notebook scripts. They were created for training events, and give a general overview and walk through some typical scenarios. They can be found at https://github.com/FAIRdom/api-workshop


The API supports Basic Authentication, OAuth and API Tokens.

More details can be found in DataHub API Docs

The API can also be used without any authentication, in which case only publicly viewable information will be returned.