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DataHub is a web platform designed to facilitate the management of sample metadata. It aims to help scientists and research groups better document samples throughout experimental steps, ensuring compliance with the requirements of research core facilities, end-repositories, or any other standard metadata.


DataHub is an instance of the FAIRDOM-SEEK software (previously known as SEEK) and shares the same documentation. Consequently, all definitions of terms utilized within FAIRDOM-SEEK, including those not directly visible within DataHub but present in other instances of SEEK, are encompassed in this list of definitions.

Definition of terms used in DataHub.

Who should use DataHub and why

Stakeholders in life sciences.

  • Research groups: for sample documentation throughout experimental steps.
  • Research core facilities: to share sample metadata templates.
  • Research institutes or infrastructure providers: to provide a sample metadata platform.
  • Research consortia: for sample documentation according to standardised templates.

How to organise your research in DataHub: use cases

For research group and core facility